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Pension Hucava offers 11 comfortably furnished double / triple rooms with extra beds. Each room has its own bathroom, TV, safe. The pension is situated in Tatranska Kotlina with excellent access to tourist as well as sports activities.


Belianska Cave:

Belianska cave (Entrance at 885 m) is the only show cave in the High Tatras on the northern slope of the Kobylí Hill above the Tatranska Kotlina.
Speculation that it was inhabited by prehistoric man, are not supported. In the 18th century it was visited mostly by treasury for the same time were on the cave walls. Revelatory journey to Huszt Julius and John Britz of Spisska Bela on 05.08.1881 aroused scientific and tourist interest in the cave.Public access it in 1882 and electrically lit up in 1896 as one of the first caves in the world. Communication in the cave continuing improvement of accessible cave spaces gradually Increase magnification other discoveries.
The total length of the cave is 1752 m, of which accessed cave passages is 1001 m.

Sanatorium Tatranska Kotlina, N. O. - An oasis of health and wellbeing

Sanatorium Tatranska Kotlina, N. O. is in uniform colony in Tatras Kotlina, which was established at the foot of Belianske Tatras, in consequence of the discovery of the cave in 1881. As early as 1891, Tatranska Kotlina was included among the natural spas. The climate in Tatranska Kotlina despite the low altitude of 760 m asl, has alpine character and unlike other Tatra settlements that is almost free from fog. The settlement has the status of a climatic spa environment is suitable for the treatment of asthma, allergies and other respiratory diseases. The device provides healthcare as a specialized hospital - professional treatment institution and as a natural climatic spa. The main activity is the sanatorium complex inpatient care for adult patients with a diagnosis of bronchial asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other non-specific (non-tuberculous) respiratory diseases, mostly chronic. Due to the low altitude of the environment can also benefit people who have respiratory problems in addition to the cardiovascular diseases. Preserved natural environment and demanding terrain for walks are suitable for combined types of diseases.
Focus treatment facility during its existence influenced the epidemiological situation of morbidity of the population, the development of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, and society-wide changes. Part of the recent changes in 2003 was the transformation of former state professional sanatorium respiratory diseases as NGOs Sanatorium Tatranska Basin. The scope of provided medical care has been maintained, but due to the reduced number of contractual quota of patients by health insurance companies began to provide its professional equipment and rehabilitation services and for self-payers and spa guests. Different levels of accommodation - from apartment to hotel accommodation to the tourist standard, diversified services and extensive experience of personnel associated with creativity, create in our facility a true oasis of health and well-being.
The device provides in addition to comprehensive medical diagnostics and comprehensive set of laboratory tests and rehabilitation treatments. For clients there is also a relaxation pool, sauna, jacuzzi, gym, gym, billiards, bike rental and more. At the reception you can also take out insurance to the mountains. The area also includes food and tourist information center.
The exclusiveness of our equipment is also preserved natural environment and speleotherapy - breathing exercises in a nearby Belianska Cave. Such exercises in the cave accelerates healing and beneficial effect on the body at any age. Permanent air temperature, high humidity and sterile environment free of allergens have a positive impact on the current state of health at the same time a positive impact on the patient's immune system. Exercise is most effective for patients with bronchial asthma and allergic rhinitis, and is virtually the only asylum for people with pollen allergy. The benefit for customers is also new in the treatment of hay fever - RHINOLIGHT. It is a clinically proven method - phototherapy nasal mucosa using a special light composition. It applies a few minutes every other day and with this therapy we have excellent results.
Within the leisure activities on site, clients can use the multifunctional playground and outdoor, as well as to improve the services will contribute in no small way the bike path directly from the Tatra Basin in Spisska Bela in the length of 12 km, which will be completely built in the end of September 2010. The adrenaline activities, not series include the SPIDER park near the sanatorium area in which our clients have input at a substantial discount. Those who prefer to relax in winter, enjoy the proximity of high-quality ski resorts in the nearby Bachledova dolina and Tatranska Kotlina.
Among the popular stays include wellness and relax and wellness stays, seniors and reconditioning stays, ski and school trips, corporate actions and events. We pride ourselves on good communication with the client and open atmosphere that we all feel that they are in a friendly environment. We believe that well-being and helpful staff treats.

Spider Park

Extrémne prežitie na trase dlhej 250 metrov a vo výške na 6 metrov. Veľa zaujímavých prekážok zavesených na drevách stromov, kompletná zábava pre deti i dospelých. Prídite a zistite či ste lepší od svojich detí!. Prekonajte svoj strach a zistite kde sú hranice Vašich možností. Pre návštevníkov sú v ponuke dva druhy trás. Trať Pavúk má už spomínanú dĺžku 250 m a je určená pre dospelých.

It is also less demanding track ready Mini Spider, which is adapted to the smallest visitors. Every child is certainly the carbine, but the need is, of course, and helmet. All are brave at the beginning of the learning curve instructor. We look forward to you every day of the month of June 10:00 to 16:00 and in July and August from 09:00 to18:00. Nájdete nás hneď pri parkovisku pri Bielanska cave.


Initiative to establish a settlement in 1881 gave the tourists are newly discovered Belianska cave. Along the road that led to Lendak he stood previously Belianska city gamekeeper and the mills and the way Zdiarska settlement Kardolin (Kardolina), who in 1874 founded Poly Kardolińsky. The settlement established the city of Spisska Bela, who was the owner of the local land. The first object was undemanding in 1882 shed guardian of the cave of John the Rooster. In summer 1883 the city built a restaurant and two dormitories. By the end of the 19th century there grew 31 buildings with 254 guest rooms and 370 beds. Among them there lacked bathhouse with hydrotherapy. Casino 500 guests for a small restaurant room. During World War II in the Tatra Kotlina they treated and recovering combatants. After the war the town Spisska Bela settlement sold after the war, the city sold the entire settlement entrepreneur Ondřich and the pharmacist Ctibor turn green. When tourism started to decline, a pharmacist from building complex developed pulmonary tuberculosis sanatorium for less demanding and less affluent patients. After a fire in 1930 part of the building was reconstructed and built a new sanatorium. After World War II, after the nationalization, medical facilities have served as special therapeutic institutes respiratory chorôb.V settlement currently has the status of climatic spa. The main activity of the complex sanatorium institutional care of adult patients with the diagnosis of bronchial asthma, obstructive lung disease, and other non-specific (non-tuberculosis) respiratory disease, predominantly chronic.


Belianska Cave (yellow, 0h20"/0h20"), Cottage Plesnivec (green, 1h30"/1h20"), Kopské sedlo [Javorová dolina] (green-blue, 3h30"/3h05"), Tatranská Javorina (green-blue, 6h00"/6h05"), Cottage near Green tarn (green-red, 3h30"/3h05"), Kežmarské Žľaby (blue, 1h30"/1h30"), Ždiar (7 km), Lendak (3 km), Kežmarské Žľaby (6 km), Tatranská Lomnica (9 km), Starý Smokovec (15 km), settlement Štrbské Pleso (29 km), Kežmarok (18 km), Poprad (28 km).